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Pepe the Frog's notorious “feels good man” was born out of a funny strip in Boys Club, the comic created by Matt Furie in 2005. Rare Pepes started in 2016 as an attempt to explore the financial value of memes, by a community of hundreds of different artists.

Memeables is a collection of digital art that aims to expand those original mediums and make you laugh. We collect comic strips because reading them makes us feel good, man.

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After 6 years of being molded in the depths of Counterparty, Pepes are coming to Ethereum.

A contingent of Rare Pepe artists & scientists, Fake Rare creators, and representatives of the frogs have been assembled to give rise to a new movement, spreading dank Pepes far and wide.

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PEPE Dreams Art

To celebrate Pepe art, $PEPE (@pepecoineth) and Pepe.WTF (@pepe__wtf) joined forces by curating an art collection of 500 artworks.


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Counterparty extends Bitcoin’s functionality and was considered a “Bitcoin 2.0”. It allows DeFi and NFT features. If you’re in this for the long run, you might as well get familiar with the protocol.

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