How to buy Rare Pepes

The user experience of buying Rare Pepes is as messy as walking through the narrow streets of an ancient bazaar. It was built on Bitcoin based early iterations of DeFi and NFTs, and it has recently expanded into the Ethereum universe, making it more handy, but maybe also more confusing.

In short, there are two places where you can buy Pepes.


Rare Pepes were minted on Counterparty, a layer built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that provides it with DeFi and NFT features. There, on Counterparty, Rare Pepes could be bought in exchange for Bitcoin or XCP, the original Counterparty token.You can explore the Counterparty blockchain through various block explorers. XChain is one of the most popular ones.

Then Rarepepewallet came up. A wallet built exclusively for the purpose of finding, purchasing, selling or destroying Pepes. Together with Rarepepewallet came Pepecash; the native economy of the Pepesystem. Pepecash in itself is another card, with its own design; but it has a supply of 700 million, which makes it extremely liquid. Overtime, Pepecash was adopted as a native currency, and eventually Rare Pepes could be priced and bought in BTC, XCP or PEPECASH.


Up to this moment, everything related to Pepes happened on the Bitcoin blockchain. In the meantime, the Ethereum ecosystem gave birth to a thriving industry around NFTs. NFT artworks, collectibles and in-game assets were bought by the millions. OpenSea became the leading marketplace for Ethereum based NFTs. That's when Emblem Vault came up with a solution.

Imagine you minted an Ethereum NFT box. Yes, a box. A container. Then you managed to store a Counterparty asset inside of that box. Once you achieve that you are now able to trade that box on OpenSea, because it now resides on the Ethereum blockchain. This means having access to the massive market of Ethereum NFT buyers. In a few words, that's what Emblem Vault does.

Many pepe cards have made it into the other side of the ocean thanks to this innovation, and therefore now some of the units in the collections can be purchased in ETH and stored in Ethereum wallets.

Let's go over the basic concepts again:

  • Counterparty:a layer built on the Bitcoin blockchain to provide it with NFT and DeFi features
  • XCP:Counterparty's native token. Here's a list of exchanges where you can find XCP.
  • XChain:a Counterparty block explorer where you can browse all the info around Pepes.
  • Rarepepewallet:a wallet specialised in the trading of Rare Pepes.
  • Pepecash:a card that is used as a token for trading with Pepes. Here's a tutorial on how to buy with Pepecash.
  • Opensea:the biggest Ethereum NFT marketplace
  • Emblem Vault:the “box maker“ that allows for Counterparty (=Bitcoin) NFTs to be minted and sold on the Ethereum infrastructure. (they have an Ethereum and a Polygon collection)

PepeWTF wants to make the initial stages of the Pepe experience much easier. You can browse the site to find the best plays.

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