About Pepe.wtf

Pepe.wtf is the brainchild of @pepe himself and Carbono.

@pepe is the NFT-collecting, Pepe-hoarding alter ego of a true crypto believer.

Carbono is a crypto company that does some serious consulting, some serious investing, some serious NFTing and then some other things for the lulz.

We joined forces to shed some light and share some alpha on the intricate world of Rare Pepes.

  • Pepe brought all the wisdon acquired from a troubled history of collecting frogs
  • Al, Carbono's shadowy super coder, took to the keyboard and untangled Matrix.
  • Raúl and Miguel sang cheerful songs, sent stickers and ate cashews on the sidelines.

PepeWTF is our humble contribution to the exciting universe of Rare Pepes. With this platform we have tried to gather all the main sources of information about this amazing collection under the same roof, and digest it to provide clarity in the exploration process. Users can now find all the relevant information on any card in one single place, before proceeding to buy one for their collection. We hope to serve OGs and attract new souls to this green rabbithole.

We have done our best to make everything work flawlessly, but Rare Pepes are a complicated collection. Al has only two hands and 24 hours in his day (he refuses to sleep or eat), but there might be bugs or mistakes here and there. We are eager to listen to the community and try to accomodate, so let us know if you find something that's off, something that doesn't work... Also let us know what you like. We have feelings.

You can drop us a message in the form at the end of the page, or DM us at @pepe__wtf

Or you can drop us an actual Pepe, XCP or Bitcoin at: 1Ft8YRa691UZAdSLbwHkXuU3L1c2Xm8m3P

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